Zeitun Films
Todos vós sodes capitáns


A European filmmaker is making a movie with children living in a home for socially excluded youngsters in Tangier, Morocco. While filming, the director's unorthodox methods of working cause his relationship with the children to disintegrate to such a point, that the initial course of the project is altered.


  • Shakib Ben Omar,
  • Nabil Dourgal,
  • Mohamed Bablouh,
  • Said Targhzaou,
  • Asharaf Dourgal,
  • Mohamed Selushi,
  • Redouan Negadi,
  • Youseff Boughari,
  • Bilal Belcheikh,
  • Zhor Arfaoui,
  • Oliver Laxe,
  • Hicham Amidallah,
  • Adam Mouaouia,
  • France Aline,
  • Habiba Bouzerda,
  • Fouad Lhadari,
  • Ahmed Kacem,
  • Rachida Marrakechi,
  • Hassan Wahabé,
  • Abdelghani Obayeb,
  • Nourredine Al Fatouh


Ines Thomsen

First assistant camera
Sandra Ortiz

Second assistant camera
Álvaro Redondo

Fayçal Algandouzi

Albert Castro Amarelle

Direct sound
Nicolás Barrena, Simohamed Fettaka

Créditos Colaboradores